How To Use The Straw Powerpoint Plug-in To Poll A Live Audience


When dealing with a live audience, the main goal is to keep them engaged.

You want to get their attention and keep it anyway that you can.

One great way to do this is to ask questions.  What do you really get from that though?

A couple people shouting out answers while the rest are scrolling through their facebook feed.

The smartphone is easily a presenters worst nightmare!  Its absolutely zapped the attention span of people these days.

What if you could make it a part of your presentation though?  What if in order for the audience to be engaged they  NEEDED their smartphone?

That’s exactly the experience we’ve created for you with the new Straw Powerpoint Plug-in.

Now, adding a highly visual poll to your presentation is easier than ever.  Not only that, you can gather real-time data from a live audience! With results coming straight from the audiences smartphone!

Now anyone and everyone in the audience can give their opinion on the questions you ask, not just the loudest person in the room.

This is exactly how you take your presentation to the next level!

Check out the video below to see how it works:


super bowl 51

Party, Food, Commercials: The Super Bowl has a little bit for everyone

It’s that time.  Super  Bowl week.  The peak of all sporting events.

Yes, the Super Bowl is that big of a deal.  Heinz ketchup has actually petitioned to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday.  So there’s that.

Would make the lives of thousands much easier that day.  That’s for sure.

But the Super Bowl isn’t just about Football.  No way.  Think about all the awesome commercials played that day, all the amazing food served up, the crazy amounts of beer poured and the HALFTIME SHOW!

There’s something in it for everyone and we want to get your opinions on all of it.  Here are a few Super Bowl themed polls to get this week started off right!  Feel free to come up with your own here.


college football playoffs

Vote: 2016-17 College Football Playoffs and Every Other Bowl Game You Can Think Of

Does it get any better than this time of year?  Not only are the holidays upon us but we’ve also got non-stop college football to watch!

For the rest of the year you’re going to have a game too watch almost every single day.  Now, all these different matchups brings so many different ways to root.

Maybe its your alma mater.  Maybe its whoever is playing your friends alma mater becaue you wont hear the end of it if they win…  Or it could be your hometown team?  There might even be a bowl game in your area.  Who knows!

All in all, Bowl season is awesome and you deserve to enjoy it as much as possible.  Which is why we thought it would be a faaaantastic time to set up some polls!  Yep, 40 bowl games and 40 polls.  Lots to voice your opinion on!

Support your team or just vote your opinion and see who everyone is favoring.  Should make the games a bit more interesting.

Let’s get started!


How to get the most out of Straw Premium

Remember when you were a kid, how excited you’d get over something new?

It  really didn’t matter what it was.  Just knowing it was shiny and new would get you all kinds of pumped up.

Those were the days…

Wouldn’t it be kinda cool to get that feeling back? Just maybe?  Well, we think you deserve that.

So, we decided to start off by giving you a whooooole new site.

straw portal


Austin Powers

Is Halloween the most confusing holiday ever?

Ahh, Halloween, a College kids Christmas and a 30 year olds long look in the mirror.

“Going commando in this banana suit is still funny, right?”

Aside from an excuse to dress up as obnoxious as you want and overall, always turning out to be a blast, you have to admit…

this holiday is as indecisive as a teenage girl trying to figure out what to eat.

the notebook



32 of the most burning questions going into the NFL season


With a little inspiration from the great Peter King we decided to address the biggest questions going into the season for each NFL team.  Peter King put out an awesome article and we wanted to make it a little more interactive.  Not only that but we’re curious what everyone thinks!

We’ve got our opinions and he has his.

Now it’s time to voice yours!  We’ve spiced up these questions and added a Straw poll to each of them.

Vote on all the polls, only on your fave team, or take it as inspiration and start polling with Straw yourself!


athletes polling

How athletes can use a straw poll to really connect with their fans

Who do you root for more, someone you know nothing about or someone you feel like you’ve kind of connected with?


Through social media, building a personal brand online is becoming more and more common for athletes.  This personal brand is leaving fans feeling more connected than ever before.

The way Social media has taken over has allowed fans to see these guys as real people.  It’s something fans never had in the past and it’s awesome.


How to improve your Summer using Straw

Whaaaat’s uppppp everyone?

So we’re about half way through the summer.  You having a blast?

You deserve it.

Which is exactly why we wanted to let you in on how Straw can make it even better!  We’re always looking out for you over here.

Below we’ve got a few “summery” scenarios that we think you’ll relate to.  Check em out, create your own and keep that summer going strong!

Figuring out where you should go for summer vacation


Easiest most flexible social polling app

5 reasons every blogger should poll their audience

“Today, it’s on marketers to become stewards of the customer journey, and to build bonds with customers wherever they are.” – Marketo

Relationship building is the name of the game in today’s market.  A great company like Marketo knows all about this.  As a blogger, the marketing is on you!

Sure, some of you are asking your customers questions.  Some of you might actually have some pretty awesome questions at that.  Maybe they even get a solid amount of engagement too.

But let me ask you something, what do you do with all of this feedback?


Today, We Celebrate, our Poll on Straw!


When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to create a free, beautiful online poll, and share it on multiple social platforms, then one must use the Straw app. This July 4th, let Straw polling help you celebrate America’s declaration of independence. It’s what the Founding Fathers would have wanted you to do. In fact, we find these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are creating polls on Straw, and they are endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are creating polls, voting on polls, and sharing polls.

So go! Create a free poll on Straw and figure out what hot dogs are best, decide where the best fireworks show will be, or vote on the best President in history. And don’t forget, Straw, like America, is always free!